Friday, September 23, 2011

Lost Love

I realized that once you are given a chance, you must take it. Because if you won't, time cannot be taken back where it used to be. For moments in life are precious and can only happen once.

I...was given a chance for a lifetime love but I ignored it. Chance that I haven't given importance. And the love he gave me was tore into pieces. I had hurt him, shattered his love completely without mercy. I made him cry, cry with so much pain and sadness. I did it a numerous time until his love for me was drained by teardrops.

Now, he's already in love with someone else. To a person who return his love and treats him like a broken glass. I saw them holding hands, their faces were so happy. I could only gaze at them, full of hurt and regret. It is over now between me and him. He had already moved on but here I am, weeping for a lost love. A love were I just realized when it was too late. When the man I love already gave up on me. The man who I made look like a fool, dreamed on the past of having a future with me.

He turned towards my direction and I hide quickly on the tree where we spent most of our happy moments together. I cried and cried for the love I lost.

I weep like a child every night. Crying for a love that I wasted. Regretting the love that won't be coming back at my hands ever again.

Having someone loves you with all his heart is a blessing. So, you should take care of it like a sensitive plant. Water it with love, protect it on harm and cherish it with your life. Because if you don't, even if he loves you so much, if he feels he is neglected and treated as a fool... he will get tired and what's worse his love will vanished and will try to be free from your grasp and will find someone who could treat him what he deserves.

Always remember that a chance only knock once. You are lucky if it knocks on your door. Live every day of your life as it is the last. Return the love to the people who loves you. Never ever hurt them and treasure them with your all. Never neglect and make them look like a fool because if you lose them and you will realize you can't live without them it will be already too late. Love is not a one-sided thing it should be worked on and cultivated together with two persons.   


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