Friday, September 23, 2011

Too Late For Us

I saw him standing there. Like a tree without life. His eyes that were full of life, happiness and dreams were all wash away with sorrow and agony that I've caused.

He looked at me. Gaze that was not like before, full of love when he looked at me. Now, it was piercing, cold and with pure hatred. The great pain I've cause is evident on his handsome face.

He's not like before. He don't love me anymore because he hates me now. I know it is my fault for hurting him again and again. He gave his heart to me but all I did was break it away. I made the hatred he feel now. I made the person he have become.

If only I could turn back the hands of time, I would treat him kindly just like what he deserves. I would never hurt him. But damn! Because of the fear that engulfed me. I had hurt him and made him look like trash because of the fear of being in love.

Tears fell in my rosy cheeks. It was like rain, a rain full of sorrows and regrets. I could never have him again. And it slowly kills me inside. I realized that I love him but it was already too late. I already pushed him away out of my life.

This is my prize for being a great fool. For hurting this man who loved me with all of his heart and soul. I could only die, weep in silence and for the rest of my life, I’ll regret that I let him out of my life.

Never be afraid to fall in love. They say the person who is in love is prone to hurt. But being hurt is a part of love. For love there is pain and sadness, it is not only about happiness. Even how many times you fail at love, never ever be afraid to fall in love all over again. Failed relationship is a gift from God because it makes you realize that in life there's no always a happy ending. It also teaches you, when you fall over you can stand up again and try from the start. Love is a process and it ends when you already found the one who is destined for you. So, never ever give up on love. Someday your destiny will come and wipe all the pains you felt from the past.


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